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Air Conditioning Maintenance in London Our experts help with aircon maintenance and update your AC units.

Searching for AC maintenance in your local area? At London Aircon Company, our engineers provide effective air conditioning maintenance at lower cost. If you want one-off repair or maintenance, we will provide you the best services in London. Starting from aircon maintenance to heating system maintenance, we are always there with the most affordable pricing in your area. Once you have an air conditioning system installed in your property, it is essential to keep up with its maintenance and servicing. When left unmaintained, it can lead to breakdowns and unnecessary replacements. This will subsequently result in increased costs for you. We assure that customers can depend on us for their air conditioning repair and maintenance services. Feel free to contact us when looking for affordable AC maintenance in London.

Importance of air conditioner maintenance

  • Improve in performance 

    When you do not perform routine regular maintenance check of your AC, this may lead to several errors in the effectiveness of the unit. A decrease in overall performance can be caused from buildup of dust or dirt or when aircon unit do not get maintenance checks and cleans. Our installers will ensure your air conditioning unit works in the most efficient way which, in turn will improve overall appearance.

  • Reduce energy bills 

    When the contractor of air conditioning maintenance does not check a unit regularly, the performance of the system will lack severely. So, the AC won’t be using more energy to complete the job of giving you cool air. Our experts will not only give you cooling environment at your home and office but also help with decrease in energy bills with proper maintenance services.

What We Offer in our AC Maintenance Plans

  • Leak testing
  • Checking and washing of filters
  • Tightening of terminals and connections
  • Checking of all operations
  • Chemical cleaning on dirty coils
  • Cleaning of units indoor and outdoor
  • Checking of refrigerant pressures
  • Current checks on components i.e. compressor

Deep clean servicing

We provide deep clean service for all kinds of air conditioning which can keep them in good condition. Our experts remove unpleasant odours that have build up in due course and lessen the chances of breakdowns in future. You can request for deep cleaning any time as one-off with regular servicing for the AC. If our engineers are working on site, then they will advise you if they think the AC unit is due for deep clean.

One-off maintenance visits

We can help you with one-off maintenance visits to diagnose the problems before they take place and prevent the need for further repairs. If you want the AC units to work efficiently, then we will be more than happy to give you all the details of regular servicing. So, when there is an issue with the air conditioner, we will respond to your call out without delay.

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Our engineers have spent many years in providing aircon maintenance service and learning how to improve functionality of the AC unit. Whether you are looking for inexpensive services to quality experience, we render the perfect service to all our esteemed customers.

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If you want to comply with HVAC guideline recommendations and F-GAS regulations, then you need to maintain your AC system at least once in a year.

Our Planned Maintenance Contracts will fulfil the needs and obligations of all major air conditioning manufacturer warranties. It is essential to know that manufacturer warranties are valid only when the equipment are used and maintained along with their specifications as well as recommendations in a similar way. This is when car manufacturers know that the vehicle be serviced and maintained all through the life of the warranty.

There are many signs when your air conditioning system requires servicing. Some of these include:

  • Lack of Air Flow
  • Loss of Performance
  • Increase in Energy Bill
  • Leaking Water
  • Stale Odours
  • Prone to Freezing