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Retail space air conditioning

Making your shop or retail space welcoming and comfortable is important if you want to keep your customers happy and shopping. Whether it is a boutique, dry cleaning shop, fashion shop, florist shop, or you’re an estate agent, your customers will likely spend more time and money when you give them an enjoyable experience.

Customers will easily get put off if your shop is hot and stuffy, especially during summer. This makes having an efficient, well-controlled and quiet air conditioning solution vital. A comfortable space also makes your staff happy, enabling them to offer better customer service and increase productivity.

At London Aircon Company, we have a team of engineers with ample experience installing all retail air conditioning units. We are experts in the air conditioning industry and will tailor our services to meet your needs. Our engineers complete each project quickly to avoid disrupting your activities.

Air conditioning options for retail spaces

  • Wall-mounted units

    Wall-mounted air conditioning units are a common cooling solution. They are available in different colours and sizes. This makes tailoring the services to suit your needs and style important. We handle the installation of wall-mounted units from different manufacturers.

    You can install one unit for a small shop, but bigger spaces may require multiple units. The wall-mounted units are a cost-effective air conditioning solution for retail spaces.

  • Water-cooled units

    Building restrictions prevent the installation of traditional external condenser units. Shops in listed or restricted buildings can’t install the traditional cooling solution, but we can install water-cooled condensing units.

    This unit uses the main water supply of the building to provide cool air and lower power, enhancing efficiency.

  • Ducted units

    The ducted air conditioning units are fitted in a suspended ceiling and need a wall-mounted controller to manage the units. The small grilles fitted in the ceiling are the only visible part of the ducted air conditioning units. The grilles have different designs, and we can advise on the ideal option.

    If the retail space is in a restricted building, we can install the ducted air conditioning system with no external unit.

  • Ceiling cassette units

    Ceiling cassette units are also common in large retail spaces. The unit is best installed in a suspended ceiling where only the front panel is visible. This air conditioning unit is discreet and gives a visually appealing touch.

    The ceiling cassette unit has a four-way airflow that ensures even cooling distribution, which makes it a good cooling solution for large retail spaces.

You can contact London Aircon Company on 020 31377108 to install the right air conditioning unit in your retail space.