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Air Conditioning Repair in LondonEasy, fast and professional air conditioning repair service for domestic and commercial units.

We know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be when the conditioning system or heat pump breaks down. This is when you need our air conditioning repair experts who provide all kinds of repair, replacement and servicing works throughout London. We will try to find out the exact cause of your problem and get it fixed quickly. So, whether it is AC compressor repair or heating service that you require, feel free to get in touch with our aircon experts and we will schedule a visit for your air conditioning repair services in London.

Our experienced team of engineers at London Aircon Company ensures to take care of your air conditioning repair by lessening the downtime and helping you to get your units work efficiently at optimal cost. We are always ready to respond quickly to your call out and get the problem resolved as soon as possible. We know our work well and work with several major air conditioning brands on a daily basis such as – Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Daikin.

Efficient HVAC Repair Solution

Whatever might be the issue with your HVAC air conditioning repair and servicing, we provide top-rated services for all domestic and commercial units. Our aircon repair services are efficient and we have affordable pricing to solve your problem within the shortest possible time.

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When the slow airflow gets you down, you need to improve the efficiency of your HVAC heating and cooling system. This will help to save on energy costs.



Power problem will not be the issue anymore. You just need to call our experts who take care of your AC unit repair works and get it running within a short time.



If water is leaking from the AC, this can the major problems. Our experts will take care of it with unmatched solutions for your air conditioner repair.

bad smell


When bad smell is emanating from your HVAC unit, this can mean some kind of danger. We will make sure you get rid of this problem quickly.



Having a noisy AC is means you need the servicing for your AC repair. Call our experts now and we will give you complete peace of mind.



The coolant leakage from your AC unit may cause various problems such as – asphyxiation, dryness and nausea. Feel free to call us for repairing your air conditioner unit today!

In the case you have not experienced any issues with your AC but you want to ensure it is working efficiently, then feel free to ask us about servicing. We will visit your place to check, test, clean and maintain your AC unit to ensure they are working properly. Many clients who choose our air conditioning installation service also want our service for the AC maintenance.

What happens when you call us for your AC repair?

When you contact up to fix your aircon unit, our expert will visit you and start by diagnosing the issue, to understand the problem with your unit. During the diagnosis, we will check the power supply, cables, and interconnecting pipework to give a report on our findings. This step is particularly important if we’re visiting your property for the first time to detect the exact issue and advise you on the necessary repairs.

If the problem is more serious, we will offer a temporary fix so you will not be without air conditioning. Our team can provide you with temporary units during the repair. We always try to repair a faulty unit and will only recommend a replacement if it is more economical.

If you need an emergency fix for your air conditioning units, call London Aircon Company now on 020 31377108 to have our engineers check and quickly fix the problem.

FAQs on air conditioning unit repair

The cost of air-conditioner repair will depend on the kind of repair work to be done. So, for getting an accurate quote about your air-conditioner repair, you will have to reach out to the experts who assess the exact problem and offer you an accurate cost for AC repair. Our experts will try to give you an affordable solution so that you may have comfortable indoor space soon and continue to enjoy the benefits of having an air conditioned room.

There are a few things to check before you decide to call an HVAC repair expert. Some of these are – testing power supply of your AC, check thermostat settings, know whether air filters or vents are not clogged and if the condenser unit is working properly. If you find all these things are working efficiently and yet your AC is not functioning the way it should be, then you need to get in touch with the experts who will take care of air-conditioner repair in London and offer you the most effective solution to solve the problem soon.

The life expectancy of a HVAC unit is somewhere between 10 to 15 years and most of the time any problems that occur after this time frame, will need replacement than repair work. You need to get your AC unit problem checked by an expert so that they provide you an accurate answer. Sometimes, having a well-maintained AC might be work for a long time and so if the repair costs are not very high, then you can continue using air-conditioner for a little longer before replacing it.