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Home Air Conditioning in London

At London Aircon Company, our aircon specialists provide effective air conditioning solutions for the apartments, loft conversions, bedrooms and conservatory.We offer residential heating and cooling services in London for several years. Whether you are looking for fully internal air conditioning or an apartment without adequate space, our air conditioning units without outside condenser will be the suitable solution. You may contact our engineers who can help to install home air conditioning system with a warranty on all the installations.

Upto 3 Years Installation Warranty

Upto 3 Years Installation Warranty

Once you make the initial purchase, we cover necessary repairs or replacements for upto 7 years.

24/7 Client Support

24/7 Client Support

We are available 24x7 and ensure all your calls are returned as soon as possible.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we want our customers to know that they can depend on our prompt, professional service.

Contact London Aircon Company today on 020 31377108 for enquiries about our services.

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Ideal air conditioning units for Homes:

Different air conditioning systems are available for homes, and we can help with the following-

  • Wall-mounted air conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioners are one of the most used air conditioning units. This wall air conditioning unit has two main advantages

  • They are the cheapest air conditioning unit to install
  • It is easy to refit this unit without lots of work on the building or redecoration

Wall-mounted air conditioning units are long and thin, often placed at a high level on the wall. Like other air conditioning units for homes, they operate quietly. However, avoid the models with over 8KW as these units are for commercial use and are usually noisy. Our engineers can guide you to make the right choice.

One wall unit is usually sufficient to cool rooms in the house, but bigger rooms may require an additional unit. Top wall-mounted air conditioning units are available but cost a bit higher. They include the Mitsubishi Zen units, Gree Moda and Daikin Emura.

  • Ducted air conditioning for homes

The ducted air conditioning system is the most expensive but more aesthetically pleasing option. You can install the ducted home air conditioning systems to cool more than one room, but all rooms will have central control, except if you install multiple ducted systems.

The cooling units and ductwork are hidden in the loft space or a false ceiling, with only a small neat grille visible in the ceiling.

Several grill designs are available to fit rooms of different sizes and shapes. Our experts can inform you of the solutions available to get your desired result. It is best to fit the ducted air conditioning system during the building project because the conditioning unit and ducting require a ceiling void.

  • Low wall-mounted air conditioners for homes

These air conditioners are usually fitted during loft conversions and in conservatories because they are perfect for short walls, but they are also suitable for any room in your home.

The low wall-mounted air conditioners are similar to the wall-mounted units but are installed on a low level on the wall. These units cost more than the traditional wall-mounted units, but some people prefer them because they are fitted out of their line of sight, like radiators.

Whichever home air conditioning unit you prefer, our engineers can help you choose the most suitable and handle the proper installation process for an efficient home aircon system.

Call London Aircon Company today on 020 31377108 to speak to our professionals about the right cooling and heating system for your home.

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No, this is not applicable for less substantial residential or commercial structures. This is because they are protected by the guidelines which govern approved development rights.

There are many benefits of installing domestic air conditioning unit in London. The most common among them is low level of noise that it produces. You will be able to relax at home at the right temperature. When planning to buy a home air conditioning system, we ensure to give you a model that will improve the comfort of your home's interior. Contact our team today for getting the best HVAC systems UK households can purchase.

Though the mechanical components of air conditioner will continue to function, the system won’t have the ability to chill air effectively. It will eventually start suffering from severe damage. These damages can be the reason for increased expenses related to repairing or replacing certain components.

The installation of domestic air conditioning in the UK will depend on several reasons. Some of these are complexity of spacious layout, the number of units and set up. You may get in touch with the professional team for complete evaluation of the area where installation will be done. He will give you exact quote for your work.

The installation of a new air conditioner has added by almost 5-10% in the property value. This will be determined by several criteria such as location with the HVAC system.