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Loft air conditioners

Our expert team at London  Aircon Company supplies and installs efficient air conditioning units in lofts at an affordable cost.

Making a loft habitable in the UK is often complicated as lofts are usually extremely cold in winter or too hot in summer. With the popularity of loft conversions in homes to maximise living space, the demand for sophisticated air conditioning and temperature regulation in lofts has risen.

Installing the right air conditioning system in your loft can regulate temperature and cut heating costs by giving you an alternative heating system in winter or cooling in summer.

Ideally, lofts are the warmest rooms in a house because as heat rises and efficient insulation traps the heat, it keeps the home warm. You can make your loft more comfortable by contacting us to install an effective air conditioner.

Our experts can calculate the amount of cooling needed to ensure you get the right air conditioner size in your loft.

Expert loft air conditioning service

We install, repair and maintain air conditioning systems in London and have built a staunch reputation through our exceptional services. At London Aircon Company, we are proud to install only reliable air conditioner units in lofts from top manufacturers.

Our engineers will ensure you have the most appropriate air conditioning solution for your budget and specification.

How do homes benefit from loft air conditioner installation?

Hot air in a house rises and is trapped after it passes the insulation in the loft. This means that without air conditioning in the loft, the loft will get unbearably hot, especially during summer and cold in winter.

However, installing the right air conditioning solution in your loft will help maintain a comfortable temperature in this extra living space all year round.

How do we work?

Our surveyor will visit your home for an inspection and take measurements of the loft and its dimension, its structural integrity, and the existing structural ventilation. We will work within your schedule, budget and general design to install the perfect air conditioning system.

Why install loft air conditioners

  • Improves comfort by regulating the temperature in the loft
  • Increase ventilation by keeping the air in the loft fresh and healthy
  • Enhance the living space in your home and maximise the value of the house

Air conditioners for lofts

  • Low wall-mounted air conditioners

    A common limitation during loft conversions is their atypical shape. Usually, the roof creates a pitched ceiling, and there are no full-sized walls. In this case, our specialists often recommend low-wall-mounted air conditioners.

    Installing low wall-mounted air conditioners is an excellent choice in lofts because they aren’t affected by sloped or low ceilings. Although they are more expensive than standard air conditioning units, they can sufficiently cool and heat a room.

    Larger lofts may require more than one low-wall-mounted air conditioner to provide the right temperature.

  • Wall-mounted air conditioner

    The wall-mounted air conditioners are generally cheaper than the low wall-mounted units. You can install this option in lofts with at least one tall wall. Wall-mounted air conditioning units are long, thin and quiet.

    They are usually mounted on a high wall level to provide maximum room cooling and heating.

  • Ducted units

    The ducted air conditioning units are suitable for cooling and heating lofts. While they are difficult to retrofit, you can install them during loft conversions. Many homeowners prefer fitting the units in lower ceilings.

Why choose London Aircon Company?

Our team are highly experienced in loft air conditioning installations. We will ensure you have the most efficient and eco-friendly cooling and heating system in your loft. We supply and install only trusted brands with a warranty.

All AC installations are completed with the latest technology to ensure you get quality services. Call us today on 020 31377108 for a free survey and quotation.