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Loft air conditioning

London Aircon Company - Loft Air Conditioning

Loft conversions are the most extreme rooms in the home and are commonplace throughout the UK. They are either boiling in the summer or cold in the winter. The installation of air conditioning in loft can completely solve this problem. These air conditioners provide adequate cooling and heating for your convenience.

Making a loft habitable in the UK is often complicated as lofts are usually extremely cold in winter or too hot in summer. With the popularity of loft conversions in homes to maximise living space, the demand for sophisticated air conditioning and temperature regulation in lofts has risen.

We install top-quality air conditioning that deals with the temperature extremes of the loft only. Each unit we install is ‘whisper quiet’, so if the conversion is a bedroom or an office, you can work or sleep peacefully. 

Ideally, lofts are the warmest rooms in a house because as heat rises and efficient insulation traps the heat, it keeps the home warm. You can make your loft more comfortable by contacting us to install an effective air conditioner.

Our experts calculate the amount of cooling needed to ensure you get the right size of air conditioning in loft.

We offer a free site survey regardless of how big or small the installation is. Our experienced air conditioning surveyors can conduct all the surveys and will quickly advise on the ideal AC unit for your loft.

Do you need an air conditioner in a loft conversion?

Building a loft conversion is a suitable way to add value to the property and maximise the space in your home. With property pricing extremely high, it provides an excellent alternative if you require more space for your family. But the loft's temperature can be very hot or cold, based on the time of air and loft air-conditioning offers the ideal solution.

London Aircon Company -Keep Your Space Cool and Comfortable

Keep your space cool and comfortable

When the temperature rises during the summer, most people reach to open the window for room ventilation. If the room inside seems more relaxed than the temperature outside, close the windows. Otherwise, you are letting in more hot air into the space.

Even with closed windows, the temperature may be too much to sit around. If you turn the loft into a bedroom, sleeping at night may be a struggle when the heat rises to the top of the house.

Air conditioning in loft provides complete control by allowing you to set the right temperature in the room so that you can take tests and have a good night's rest. Though choosing Velux windows provides some ventilation, they provide enough during the warmer months, making the space very uncomfortable for use.

London Aircon Company -Select the Right Design - Duct Air Conditioning

Select the right design

Modern air conditioning units make combining new decor in the loft easy. Low wall-mounted systems seem popular with homeowners as they complement contemporary design ideas.

Duct air conditioning units are a suitable way to conceal the system so you will know when the hot or cold air is turned on. Whether you plan to use the loft as a bedroom, home office or playroom, you can select the right temperature balance at any time of the year.

When you install a wall-mounted air conditioning system with London Aircon Company, select from more than 250 colours to repaint cover panels. This makes it easy to find the right tone that works with loft decor so the unit does not stand out and appear obtrusive.


Do you need an air conditioning unit for your loft conversion?

If you are planning to build a new loft conversion air conditioning and think of installing an air conditioning unit, then contact our London Aircon Company today to arrange a free quote and survey. Please write to us at [email protected] or call us on 020 31377108.

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Why Air Conditioning Is Necessary For Your Loft Conversion

Why air conditioning is necessary for your loft conversion

Loft conversions are widespread throughout the UK as a suitable way to make more of the house space and enhance your property's value. The challenge most people face with a loft conversion is that the temperature can rise to unbearable levels during summer. It generally means what began as an additional space in the house will end up as the one place in your home where you would instead prefer to spend less time.

The added problem is loft conversions enable families to increase in size without the trouble of shifting homes and have been designed as bedrooms for babies or children. As children are more susceptible to feeling the effects of heat, this can make sleeping at night extremely uncomfortable. The challenge of loft conversion is that the temperature issue has a flip side, and the loft becomes extremely cold in the winter.

Fortunately, our experienced team can help with air conditioning for loft conversion and can completely solve the temperature challenge of loft space. Our air conditioning systems will return your loft conversion to a comfortable temperature during the summer and provide efficient heating in the winter.

Expert loft air conditioning service

We install, repair and maintain air conditioning systems in London and have built a staunch reputation through our exceptional services. At London Aircon Company, we are proud to install only reliable air conditioner for loft from top manufacturers.

Our engineers will ensure you have the most appropriate air conditioning solution for your budget and specification.

Benefit from Installing Loft Air Conditioning

How can homes benefit from installing loft air conditioning?

Hot air rises and gets trapped when it cannot move past the insulation in the loft. With the installation of an air conditioning unit in your loft conversation, you can enjoy a newly acquired room, which may become damp due to unbearable humidity, exhausting heat during the summer and too cold to enjoy in the winter. Alleviate by installing a bespoke air conditioning solution to maintain a comfortable and consistent ambient temperature throughout the year.

How we can do it

Our surveyors will visit your property to inspect the premises to take necessary measurements of your loft conversion and its dimensions, the temperature range of the room, the structural ventilation already there and the structural integrity of the overall property.

We will collaborate with you to know your time constraints, design philosophy and requirements, estimated budget, and any structural limitations within the loft.

Our experts can conduct all the surveys and quotations and will always provide quick suggestions and necessary feedback for you to consider and have an extensive scope of the required work.

Choose the proper air conditioning installation for a loft conversion

Customer service remains at the top of our list, and we offer a free site survey where our team will visit your property. They will evaluate your loft space and advise on the best options for AC units for your requirements. We install the best quality air conditioners capable of dealing with the extreme temperatures you experience in your loft in the summer and winter.

We provide energy-efficient loft aircon units with sleek designs to handle the heating and cooling of your loft.
Now, the aesthetics of converted loft will appear the same as when you designed it.

London Aircon Company -Low wall-mounted air conditioners London

Low wall-mounted air conditioners

A common limitation during loft conversions is their atypical shape. Usually, the roof creates a pitched ceiling, and there are no full-sized walls. In this case, our specialists often recommend low-wall-mounted air conditioners.

Installing low wall-mounted air conditioners is an excellent choice in lofts because they aren’t affected by sloped or low ceilings. Although they are more expensive than standard loft air conditioning unit, they can sufficiently cool and heat a room.

Larger lofts may require more than one low-wall-mounted air conditioner to provide the right temperature.

London Aircon Company -Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Wall Mounted air conditioning units use low GWP R32 refrigerant. The models have various colours, such as red, white or black. These wall-mounted systems have been designed to suit popular demand and include a cost-effective Classic range.

Our loft mounted air conditioning units can provide heating and cooling for your space. It is beneficial for keeping the rooms, such as garden rooms and conservatories, warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Critical features of Wall-Mounted air conditioning system:

  • Washable filters built into each unit 
  • Better than other air conditioning system 
  • Systems are available with complete kits 
  • Heat and cool your home or office space
London Aircon Company -Ducted Units

Ducted units

We can install ducted units to fit all budgets, though the actual unit we finally suggest may be determined with physical restrictions. We may need to choose a specific brand as it is the only one that fits easily into the space. You can be assured that whichever unit we choose, you will get years of hassle-free use with a leading manufacturer backed up by our ten-year warranty.

When these loft ducted air conditioning units are installed in a home or office, they remain almost silent so that you get on with your day most conveniently. We do not suggest installing anything with a capacity over 6kW in the environments, as noise levels may be extremely loud despite having ducts and grilles. There are powerful air conditioning systems suitable for large shops and restaurants where ambient noise levels ensure any noise from the system is not an issue.

Why Choose London Aircon Company

Why choose London Aircon Company?

Our team are highly experienced in loft air conditioning installations. We will ensure you have the most efficient and eco-friendly cooling and heating system in your loft. We supply and install only trusted brands with a warranty.

All AC installations are completed with the latest technology to ensure you get quality services. Call us today on 020 31377108 for a free survey and quotation.