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Aircon with no outdoor units

London Aircon Company specialises in installing different air conditioning systems, including air conditioning with no outdoor units. Unlike traditional air conditioners, our water-cooled AC systems do not need an external condenser unit. This means you don’t have to get planning permission to install your air conditioning unit.

Aircon units without outdoor units are common, especially in Central London and other areas with strict council planning departments.

Types of aircon without outdoor condenser units

  • Water-cooled air conditioners

Most of the air conditioners in the market have an outdoor condenser containing the central unit of the air conditioner. The condenser box is often fitted on the roof of the building, on special ground-level boxes or brackets on the property’s exterior wall.

Fitting the external condenser boxes may be an issue when getting planning permission, particularly in blocks of flats, conservation areas, and Central London.

You may consider the water-cooled air conditioning system if you can’t install your air conditioner with an outside condenser box. The water-cooled air conditioners are a good alternative because the entire system will be inside the property.

The part of the system that would have been fitted outdoors is installed inside, usually in a small cupboard or utility closet. This option is ideal for listed buildings or while renovating an existing property.

Different water-cooled units are available for several applications, and most people can hardly differentiate them from the traditional split systems. You can mount the water-cooled air conditioner on the ceiling or the wall.

How does the water-cooled aircon system work?

The outdoor condenser becomes warm when a traditional air conditioner is in cooling mode. It will release the warm air into the atmosphere while maintaining enough space around it for cool air to circulate. Placing the traditional condenser box in an enclosed space prevents heat from escaping, and the air circulation will result in the system’s failure.

However, the water-cooled AC systems are plumbed directly into the building’s main water supply and use cold water to cool the system through the internal pipes. The release of water is controlled, but this system is more expensive to run than conventional split air conditioners.

While the cost of running the water-cooled AC units is its downside, it is the only option when fitting external condensers isn’t an option. This makes them known as air conditioners of last resort.

Water-cooled ACs are usually bespoke, meaning instead of getting the aircon equipment from a manufacturer, an engineer will carefully design the system before sending the specification to the manufacturer to be custom-made.

The water-cooled aircon systems are quiet and provide excellent cooling. Some people who do not need planning permission also choose water-cooled air conditioners because they prevent fitting outside condenser boxes for a more aesthetically appealing result.

London Aircon Company has the license for installing different brands of aircon units and offers up to a 10-year warranty. Contact our aircon company today at 020 31377108 to install an air conditioning system without outdoor units.