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Restaurant air conditioning

Every restaurant needs an efficient air conditioning and heating system because the restaurant's ambience affects the overall dining experience. Although food is the main reason customers visit restaurants, they also expect to be in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

When customers have a good experience in your restaurant, you build a good reputation and increase profit. An efficient air conditioning system is also vital for the well-being and health of your customers and staff. Regulated temperature protects kitchen equipment like freezers and refrigerators.

We provide air conditioning installation services for restaurants and other businesses at London Aircon Company. We can also offer air conditioning solutions if your restaurant is in a restricted or listed building. Our engineers will advise you on the most suitable air conditioning system for your restaurant.

We supply, install, service and maintain all types of aircon systems in London. Contact us today for a free site survey before installing your restaurant air conditioning unit.

We offer the following air conditioning units for restaurants.

  • Ducted units

    Ducted air conditioning units are fitted in a suspended ceiling and have a controller mounted on the wall. The only visible part of these air conditioning units is the small grilles in the ceiling. Grilles are available in different designs, and our engineers can advise on the most suitable.

    The reverse conditioning cycle of this unit allows heating, which promotes climate control throughout the year. If your restaurant is in a restricted building, we can install the ducted air conditioning system without external units.

  • Ceiling cassette units

    Ceiling cassette units are common in restaurants. Installing this air conditioning solution requires a suspended ceiling, where only the unit's front panel will be visible. Ceiling cassette aircon units are an aesthetic option and ideal for a modern restaurant.

    A major benefit of a ceiling cassette unit is the four-way airflow that enhances even cooling distribution. This makes it a perfect option for larger spaces with more areas that need cooling.

  • Wall-mounted units

    The wall-mounted units are one of the most common and versatile air conditioning solutions. They are available in different colours and sizes and easily tailored to suit your needs and style. Our engineers can install wall-mounted air conditioning units from different manufacturers.

    One unit is sufficient for a small space, but larger areas need multiple units. However, wall-mounted units are the most cost-effective air conditioning solutions.

  • Water-cooled units

    Building restrictions prevent the installation of traditional external condenser units. This means some restaurants have restrictions on the type of air conditioning units they can install. We can offer you an alternative cooling solution in this case.

    The water-cooled condensing units are a good option for restaurants in restricted buildings. This unit uses the building's main water supply to provide cool air. They also operate on a lower-power consumption with better efficiency.

Why choose us?

We specialise in restaurant air conditioning services and below are some reasons to choose our services.

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Custom air conditioning solutions
  • Up to 10 years warranty
  • Energy efficient units

Call London Aircon Company today on 020 31377108 to book a free site survey or request our restaurant air conditioning services.