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Bedroom air conditioners

London AirCon Company is a specialist company in home air conditioner installations. We have completed installations of several home air conditioning systems and can advise you on the most suitable unit for your home. Our bedroom air conditioner installations have up to 7 years' warranty.

Air conditioners for bedrooms

Our air condition installation in bedrooms ensures you sleep in comfort even on hot summer nights. Most people commonly install bedroom air conditioners to prevent discomfort while sleeping during warm weather.

Our installed air conditioners work efficiently by regulating the temperature in your room, regardless of the temperature outside, and they are affordable. We install noiseless air conditioning, so you don't have to worry about any sound while sleeping. Installing a bedroom air conditioner means you don't have to open your window or let outdoor noise affect your sleep. This is a huge advantage if you live near a busy road.

Most bedrooms can have a low-powered air conditioner, so most people consider aesthetics, features and price when getting a bedroom air conditioner.

You can get a free survey from experienced air conditioning engineers at London Aircon Company whether your room is small or big.

Air conditioner options for bedrooms

  • Wall-mounted air conditioners

    The wall-mounted air conditioners are a common choice for domestic properties. These units are less expensive than home air conditioners and easy to install without damaging the building or altering the design. They are usually fitted above head height.

    Several wall-mounted unit brands are available, such as Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi, and most brands have trendy designs that you can colour. The wall-mounted air conditioner units for bedrooms are up to 7KW, and this size is suitable for most bedrooms. Most domestic units operate quietly.

    Usually, a unit can cool most rooms, but installing an additional unit may be necessary if the room is large.

    We have a wide range of wall-mounted air conditioning units for rooms and will recommend the correct size for your room.

  • Low wall-mounted air conditioners

    The low wall-mounted air conditioning units are as efficient as the regular wall-mounted option but fitted on a low level on the wall. Some people prefer this unit because of the position they are fitted, or they have dwarf walls that cannot accommodate the traditional wall-mounted air conditioner.

    Low wall-mounted air conditioners are more expensive but require the same labour for installation as the wall-mounted units. Our professionals can advise you if you need low-wall-mounted air conditioners.

  • Concealed ducted air conditioning units

    The concealed ducted air conditioning units are the most aesthetically pleasing option, as you can install them out of view. However, the units are more expensive, including the installation. This installation requires a lot of work, and they need to the placed in the ceiling void or installed vertically inside furniture.

    Concealed ducted air conditioners require grills in the ceiling to allow airflow from the air conditioning units. Grills are available in different designs and shapes, and we can inform you of the most suitable for your project.