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Office air conditioning

An office needs a well-designed air conditioning system to keep the staff comfortable throughout the day and increase productivity. Temperature changes often affect people’s moods, and staff may complain when the office is too hot or cold.

Contacting London Aircon Company to design and install your office air conditioning system offers the following benefits.

  • Increase mood and productivity
  • Provide a comfortable and healthy environment for all visitors and staff
  • Reduce office complaints

Our office air conditioning services

  • Installations

Our professionals at London Aircon Company can advise you on the most suitable air conditioning system for your office. Whether it’s a multi-level or one-story building, we can design the right system and install it correctly to ensure an efficient cooling system.

Different requirements determine the ideal air conditioning system. For example, we can recommend a refrigerated split system which is efficient in cooling and heating. The split system has an indoor unit mounted on a high wall level and an outdoor unit which houses the compressor. The split systems are available in different capacities, including multi-head units suitable for larger spaces. Ceiling cassettes can also be mounted on the ceiling.

We often recommend a ducted reverse cycle system for larger office spaces. The ducted reverse cycle system is the most efficient cooling and heating solution. Small to large office spaces can have ducted refrigerated systems. The main upside of these systems is the elimination of other heating forms in winter.

  • Service and repair

Which every air conditioning unit you install in your office, regular servicing is essential to maintain the system. This ensures the system runs efficiently and increases its lifespan. Regular servicing also saves your business money and ensures your staff are always comfortable.

Split systems need their filters cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of dust, bacteria or mould that can affect your comfort and health. A qualified technician needs to service a split system every 1 – 2 years, depending on the usage and brand.

Like the split systems, ducted refrigerated systems require regular servicing. The ducted refrigerated systems can also accumulate dirt and dust, and accumulated contaminants affect their air quality and efficiency.

Regular servicing by a qualified technician will maintain the filter for enhanced air quality and efficiency and keeps the ducts clean. A well-maintained AC system will save more money over time because it will use less energy than an unmaintained system. A regularly maintained unit reduces the chances of a sudden breakdown and increases comfort.

Our specialist team have several years of experience in office air conditioning installation and maintenance. Contact London Aircon Company today at 020 31377108 for our office air conditioning services.