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We are experts in shop air conditioning installation in and around London and helped businesses to create better shopping experience for customers. We understand your exact needs, demands and install systems that suit your environment, offer ducted units to maintain the ambience of your shopping space. Our skilled engineers possess several years of experience in air conditioning so that we take care of the installation process from the start till the end.

We offer free site survey despite how big or small the job may be. All surveys can be conducted by our experienced air conditioning surveyors who help with the complex shop installations.

Different air conditioning system for the shops

Ceiling-mounted 'Cassette' units for shops

Ceiling-mounted cassette unitsseem to be a better choice for the shops. Though these are somewhat more expensive when compared to wall units, ceiling ‘cassettes’ are generally completely hidden in a suspended ceiling and are more discreet and aesthetically pleasing.

The advantage of ceiling cassette AC units is they won’t need wall space which can be suitable for selling purpose. They ensure balancedfour-way airflow andcan be placed at the shop centre which eradicates ‘hot spots’ so that customers are satisfied.

Wall-mounted air conditioners

These air conditionersare affordable when installing them in shops as they are easy without all redecoration. The units are thin and can be placed at higher level on the walls.

When selecting a wall-mounted unit, it is necessary that they get placed at the optimum position in the room for maximum flow of air. If your room has higher heat load, then it is generally suggested to install less powerful and multiple units. You will also find premium models that seem to be aesthetically pleasing.

Under-ceiling units for shops

These air conditionerscan be used for large shops as they provide powerful air flow from the unit. Like ceiling ‘cassette’ units, which get placed within a ‘false ceiling’, these are mounted straight on the ceiling itself near the wall.

Though these do not seem to be very pleasing, they are extremely powerful for air flow. These units have more power than others and lessen installation charges as well as free up wall space.

Ducted units for shops

Ducted air conditioning systemsare popular for high-end shops when appearance seems to be extremely important. Ducted air conditioners are the most expensive option though they are the most aesthetic solution as the internal units and duct-work can be hidden fully in a ceiling already suspended with small grilles being visible. The installation of a ducted system can be undertaken as part of building project or they may be retrofitted when suspended ceiling is already there in place.

Reasons to choose London Air Conditioning

  • Excellent warranties
    All our units can be found with warranties in parts of almost 7 years and the units are serviced regularly.
  • Several years of experience
    We have been working in this industry for a long time and our team undergoes training to broaden their skills and knowledge.
  • Flexibility with projects
    We are more than happy to work around retail hours and will listen to what you require, plan work with you and your customers.
  • Greater value for money
    The retail air conditioning installation services are an affordable option and you need to request for a quote to see for yourself.
  • Environment friendly

We install machines having lower impact on the environment and the efficiency can help to save money on running costs.

How our air conditioning installation process works

We are experts in air conditioning unit installation for small shops, retail sector and large commercial units in the shopping centres. We will adhere to fulfill your specifications and ensure the process runs smoothly by working on the site with other contractors when required.

This is the process of fitting air conditioning in the shops and retail environments:

  • We conduct free survey of your site to provide you with the accurate quote, if needed
  • After accepting the quote, we will ask for a deposit so that we order the materials and units
  • We will deliverheaters or portable units to heat or cool your space in the meantime
  • We conduct your installation and complete systems commissioning
  • We can dispose of them responsibly on the removal of old units
  • Our after-care team will get in touch with you to check for your units and meet with your satisfaction

We work in a safe way all the time and use signage to keep the area safe for the public.

Contact us today to make an enquiry

Call us when you require the perfect air conditioning for your shop in and around London area. Feel free to contact us today for any enquiry.


Air conditioning in shops helps to improve the air quality. It is a good way to remove allergen particles and dust in the air, which will help in the summer months when allergies are common. Installing shop air conditioners also helps to maintain humidity levels, ensuring the air in the shop isn’t dry.

The air conditioners can remove unpleasant smells from the shop and create a comfortable and welcoming environment for customers.

The ideal air conditioning unit for your shop depends on the shop’s size. Usually, smaller spaces can have wall-mounted air conditioning units, which we will place discreetly or close to the entrance and tills for a more comfortable environment. We can install the floor-mounted air conditioning units if you don’t have enough wall space.

If the shop space is large, we often recommend the cassette units which are installed in the ceiling, which covers a larger area; cassette units can be positioned in different areas of the store and work together to cool the shop. They don’t require wall or floor space, which is an advantage for stores.