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Server room air conditioning

Server rooms play an important role in running businesses, so it is important to keep them chilled to prevent overheating. A server room relies on fully-efficient air conditioning to provide adequate cooling to prevent a sudden halt in a business or office, and you can trust London Aircon Company to install and maintain the air conditioning in your server room.

Throughout the year, server rooms run hot, which makes a cooling solution essential both in the summer and winter. We will supply the ideal air conditioning, and our expert installer will fit it properly.

Benefits of air conditioning for server room

Heat control in a server room is vital as excess heat can reduce your server's performance, damage the server's components and, in extreme cases, cause a fire outbreak. Carrying out constant repairs on the service will also disrupt your business and affect productivity.

Our engineers will examine every room with air conditioners and survey your server room air conditioning to deliver a bespoke solution for your cooling and heating. We can install internal and external units. Our wide range of commercial portable air conditioning systems provides sufficient cooling in different locations.

Installing air conditioners in your server room is a cost-effective solution for your business and prevents unexpected disruptions

Air conditioning units for server rooms

With increased remote work arrangements, having a reliable air conditioning unit in your server room has become more important because the servers may be operating at full capacity. Different air conditioning units are available, with some more efficient than others.

  • Wall-mounted air conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioners are a common choice for server rooms because controlling the airflow is easier than other designs. You can aim the airflow directly on servers to keep them cool or position the airflow around the room to maintain an even temperature. It is best to have a backup air conditioning unit for emergencies.

  • Commercial portable air conditioning units

We provide portable air conditioners for server rooms that allow you to cool any area of the room. The commercial portable air conditioner can cool one server or keep the entire room cool. They are ideal for emergency backup when the wall-mounted AC unit requires servicing.

Our services

  • Server room air conditioning installation

    If you want to upgrade your existing server room AC system or install a new one, our technicians can complete the job. Our server room aircon installations for all server room AC units are available at an affordable cost

    Installing the server room air conditioner is important for a long-lasting and efficient system. Our experienced technicians strictly adhere to the manufacturer's instructions and complete all installations following the standard regulations.

    We pressure-test the refrigerant piping with nitrogen and evacuate them to at least 500 microns. This ensures the refrigerant system is dry and leak-tight, leading to a longer performance.

  • Server room aircon servicing

    Server room air conditioning will likely fail even with regular maintenance. When the aircon system fails, you need an experienced and reliable technician to fix it quickly. We understand the importance of quickly fixing server room air conditioners and will work to get your system running in no time.

    Our technicians are highly trained in repairing, installing and maintaining all commercial and industrial cooling systems. We are also licensed to maintain and service different air conditioning systems.

  • Server room air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioners in server rooms need proper maintenance to function. Carrying out preventive maintenance on the air conditioner has several positive effects, such as;

Lower utility bills – Your monthly utility bills will be lower with proper server room aircon maintenance. If the coils are clean and the refrigerant levels are normal, the system will work more efficiently, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Healthier air – Air conditioners circulate large amounts of air containing bacteria and dirt. Cleaning the coils regularly during maintenance ensures clean airflow.

Longer lifespan A well-maintained server room air conditioner will last longer, and the service cost will be reduced. Most call-outs are due to a lack of preventive maintenance on the air conditioning system.

You can call London Aircon Company today on 020 31377108 for more information on our server room air conditioning services or schedule a survey for an AC unit installation.


We provide air conditioning units to meet your specific needs. The number of units and the system you install will affect your running costs. You also have to consider the cost of repairs, maintenance and servicing when calculating the overall running costs.

We are open to bulk purchases from offices and other businesses. We are an established supplier and can deliver bulk purchases in a short timeframe. Negotiations depend on the frequency and quantity of purchases.

We believe it's everyone's responsibility to care for the environment, and we continually opt for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We encourage our clients and suppliers to use safe practices to preserve the environment.