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We provide Professional Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance in London

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When planning for air conditioning installation, repairs and service, contact our experts at London Aircon Company. Whether it is large-scale commercial air conditioning, residential air conditioning, or more, our professionals will deliver the most effective results for clients.

With several busy commercial premises and large office spaces in London, air conditioning service is now a necessity for everyone. This is what makes us a trusted air conditioning installation company in London.

Aircon installation is critical for residential and commercial spaces throughout London. So, we offer a cost-effective solution for your air conditioning project at a speed that enables you to plan confidently.

Besides London air conditioning services and repairs, we are proud to provide HVAC, refrigeration services and Child Water systems, making us a one-stop solution for your requirements. London Aircon Company is always there with you whether you need residential or commercial air conditioning.

London Aircon Company

Get in touch with us now for all your air conditioning maintenance requirements!

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Ask us for any information or book a free installation site survey to get our advice. We are from London, and you need to allow us to be more flexible with our appointment timings.

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Call 020 31377108, email [email protected], or fill in our contact form. Our office opening hours are 24/7, and we will respond to your query quickly.

Air Conditioning in London We are the leaders in entirely internal air conditioning systems with over 15 years of experience!

London Aircon Company- No External Condenser Box Icon

No external condenser box

We will air condition your house internally without any kind of disruption.

London Aircon Company - Team of Engineers Icon

Team of engineers

All the installation and on-going maintenance works can be done by our F-Gas engineers

London Aircon Company - 7-Year Warranty Icon

7-Year Warranty

There is 7-year warranty on the parts and labour

London Aircon Company - Quick and Hassle Free Icon

Quick & Hassle Free

The new air conditioning system may be installed in one day with the help of our qualified specialists

London Aircon Company - Energy Efficient Icon

Energy Efficient

Our latest technology uses energy efficient DC inverter and we take good care for the environment.

London Aircon Company - Great Quality of Air Icon

Great Quality of Air

Filters in the air conditioning system can eliminate pollutants, dust, and dust mites.

Do you need Air Conditioning in London?

Our air conditioner installation team provides a complete range of services for aircon in London!

London Aircon Company - Air Conditioning Services in London

Air Conditioning

Regarding an air conditioning system in London, we ensure you stay cool all day. If you want to achieve optimum office temperature and provide an efficient system around your property, then our aircon company in London will get you covered.

Our expertise allows air conditioning services in London to deliver precisely what is required by focussing on customised requirements. From residential air conditioning in leafy neighbourhoods to large-scale commercial air conditioning across busy business hubs in London, our aircon installation system is tailored for your premises.

By choosing the right residential or commercial air conditioning units, you will get consistent performance and ensure your time and money can be saved.

It is adequately maintained, affordable and designed to maximise air conditioning all the time. Being an air conditioning company in London, we ensure we take the heat off our customers by keeping them cool all the time.

London Aircon Company - Air Conditioning Installation in London

Air Conditioning Installation

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home is where you should begin for residential and commercial installation in London.

Having several years of experience and a trusted reputation, we are an air conditioning company in London that works with you to get things done correctly. Suppose you want to save money with optimal system set-up and create a cooling system for your space. In that case, our air conditioning installation has been designed to deliver results that take worry away from keeping cool, letting you get on with important things. Apart from rendering tailor-made solutions for air conditioning in your home or office in London, we can recommend the top brands, units and systems by bringing the best to the table and passing the benefits to customers.

We will inform you when installing your air conditioning unit by giving you peace of mind and quality service.

London Aircon Company - Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

You need to remain up to date with the air conditioning repair in your property for its success.

London air conditioning system requires extensive repair from time to time. We are always there to ensure cost-efficient and on-time service, making us an air conditioning company you can trust.

Whether you need emergency air conditioning repair in your home or large-scale air conditioning service in London, we are highly equipped with the expertise to deliver the desired results.

From keeping the costs to a minimum and ensuring your air conditioning repair is done to maintain the system running at optimal levels, we will work with you to save you cool when things go wrong.

We will complete all kinds of air conditioning repair and any ongoing service for air conditioning in London, UK you need with minimum trouble and maximum results.

London Aircon Company - Air Conditioning Maintenance London

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining routine air conditioning in London is essential for residential and commercial properties. Our air conditioning maintenance across London is all about saving time, money, and possible replacement costs.

Unlike other air conditioning companies in London, we possess several years of experience in our work. Our experts provide services for large-scale residential to commercial properties and know how to optimise your system performance. So, air conditioning maintenance is vital to getting the best possible results.

With routine maintenance for air conditioning, we ensure your air conditioning system will work properly and save you time and money. Air conditioning in London is big business; the key to keeping calm is air conditioning maintenance throughout London.

Check the services our Air Conditioning London Company offer

Regarding air conditioning in London, contact our London Aircon Company, which keeps you cool and ensures you have nothing to sweat about. Whether it is a significant commercial space or stylish office premises, we will research your exact requirements and deliver all air conditioning services and repairs in and around London.

London Aircon Company - Aircon in London

Air Conditioning London

Air conditioning installations in London are not one size fits all, and you will need the advice of experts for any project. At London Aircon Company, our engineers are ready and equipped to answer all your air conditioning service needs, providing complete conditioning repair services in London. Whatever the space, we have the right solution for aircon in London.

London Aircon Company - Refrigeration solutions Londonn

Refrigeration London

Refrigeration solutions are available in all shapes and sizes, and so London Aircon Company is in the business of refrigeration repair and maintenance services for your needs. From chillers to freezers, blast chillers to cold rooms, our team provide valuable advice and proper assistance by ensuring your commercial refrigeration repair and service needs are fulfilled. Whatever you may need for aircon servicing in London, we are here to help with our experts to keep things cool.

London Aircon Company - HVAC installation

HVAC London

We provide quality and swift HVAC design, installation and maintenance services in London. Contact London Aircon Company to discuss and deliver all your HVAC needs. When you create a new HVAC design to match the requirements of your premises, with installation and ongoing HVAC maintenance, we ensure you keep things running smoothly. Our team will help get it done the right way. You need to contact us for all your HVAC installation requirements.

London Aircon Company - Chilled Water Systems

Chilled Water Systems London

Sometimes, chilled water is all you need, and when there is a chilled water system breakdown cover or chilled water installation services in London, we will make sure you always get cold water. Our chilled water system services are reliable and cost-effective, which gives you complete peace of mind. Contact London Aircon Company, who possess the expertise needed to leave chilled water systems in the hands of experts.

Air Conditioning London What to know about Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance

London Aircon Company - Keeping London Cool Icon

Keeping London Cool

Whatever your business, our air conditioning installation solution will fulfil your needs. You can trust our air conditioning company to tailor the services to your needs.

London Aircon Company - Air Conditioning Service Icon

Air Conditioning Services

Whether you are looking for a small-scale residential air conditioner repair or a large commercial air conditioning service in London, we can provide you with everything. Our experienced team of qualified engineers prioritise the needs of clients and ensures all air conditioning services can be done quickly at a cost-effective price. Our minimum requirement is the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

From air conditioning service to repair and maintenance in London, we are here to help you.

London Aircon Company - Commercial Air Conditioning Services in London Icon

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

We understand time is money and ensure we keep your commercial office space cool. From large-scale ceiling units to different versatile choices, we can satisfy the needs of large and small office spaces through bespoke air conditioning installation in London.

Our London air conditioning installation and maintenance service will deliver the most effective solutions for your requirements.

London Aircon Company - Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance Icon

Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance

Once we sign on the dotted lines, our commitment to delivering makes us a famous air conditioning company in London. We also provide an extensive range of air conditioning maintenance options, expert advice and professional assistance all the time.

Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance Take care of your Air Conditioning Unit with London Aircon Company

London Aircon Company - Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

At London Aircon Company, we know how important it is to get the best quality air conditioning installation. From keeping your employees calm to making your home comfortable, our air conditioning service delivers quality results throughout the London area.

Being an air conditioning company in London, we recommend regular and yearly air conditioning repair. From peace of mind, this provides savings; it will help you need fewer air conditioning repair callouts. This is the best way to ensure your air conditioning maintenance is where it should be.

Whether there is any issue with the filter or your aircon installation is sub-par, our aircon servicing in London offers the most effective solution at the right price. This place thrives on keeping calm, and our air conditioning company will help you with it as best as possible.

London Aircon Company Leading Air Conditioning Company Serving London

We can help you with an extensive range of air conditioning installation, repair and service throughout London.

London Aircon Company -Leading Air Conditioning Company Serving London

Call outs & Repairs throughout London

London Aircon Company is happy to provide air conditioning service and repairs in and around London. We service residential and commercial customers and work on everything from burnt refrigeration fans to air conditioning circuit board issues and air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

At London Aircon Company, we can help you with ongoing, one-off air conditioning service and customer maintenance options. Our same-day bookings and swift response times deliver reliable air conditioning service to customers in both residential and commercial settings. Whether you are looking for air conditioning repair or scheduled air conditioning maintenance, our London team will always be there with you.

Air Conditioning Installation

Our extensive range of London air conditioning installation services provides customers with flexibility and reliability. This includes ceiling cassette air conditioning installation in offices and wall-mounted air conditioning unit installation in different properties for installing the most efficient system for your property. If you are looking for a free air conditioning installation consultation in London, please get in touch with London Aircon Company today.

Free Quotation

If you need a free quotation for your air conditioning project in London, it is time to contact London Aircon Company. Whether it is air conditioning repair or service and installation, our customers in London can contact us to get a quote so that things can be done.

Contact London Aircon Company today on 020 31377108 for enquiries about our services.

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Advantages of having Air Conditioning services in London

London Aircon Company -Skilled Technicians Icon

Skilled technicians

Our technicians are fully certified to handle all kinds of air conditioning needs with care. We will keep you updated with the most recent industry methods to deliver outstanding results. You can depend upon us for getting efficient services.

London Aircon Company -Free site survey Icon

Free site survey

We can help with comprehensive evaluation and complete site survey without obligation and free quotations. You will get one free service for the newly installed units.

London Aircon Company -Flexible appointments Icon

Flexible appointments

We are open during the week to lessen the inconvenience whenever you need our services. Feel free to schedule quick appointments for installation and other services according to your convenience.

London Aircon Company -Air Conditioner Comprehensive Service Icon

Comprehensive service

Our engineers know how to deal with both installation and servicing of all the units. Our professionals respond to your call-outs and provide necessary repairs for any air conditioning problems.

London Aircon Company -Air Conditioning Units from Top Brands Icon

Air conditioning units from top brands

Our engineers are experts in the installing of reputed air conditioning brands in the UK, including Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Toshiba.

London Aircon Company - Competitive Rates Icon

Competitive rates

We charge competitive rates without any compromise in terms of quality. Our transparent pricing structure ensures you pay reasonable pricing for the services. We offer detailed quotes, so you are aware about the costs involved.

London Aircon Company - Product Warranty Icon

Product warranty

All our air conditioning units have warranties of up to 7 years with regular servicing from trusted engineers. We can manage air conditioning installation in London, including the design and supply of the system.

Get in touch with London Aircon Company today by dialing 020 31377108 for any inquiries related to our services.

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If you want a rough estimation on the phone or email, we would ask about the dimensions of the rooms for installing the air conditioning system. We will do a site visit for giving you an accurate and competitive quotation.

We offer up to 7 years of warranty with proper servicing from our certified engineers. We deal with any air conditioning installation for all kinds of properties in London.

All our projects are managed by our supervisors who will ensure smooth running of each of them.

We carry out works to meet your requirements and arrange timings and days to suit each project.

We remain 100% transparent with customers about the costs involved during installation, repair or maintenance works. So, there won’t be any surprises related to cost.

Once your air conditioning system gets installed, we suggest a maintenance plan to keep the system running efficiently and making sure it is working properly. We would like to work closely with customers to give them a suitable maintenance plan for their needs.

You need to clean or replace the filter of air conditioning system in every two months during the cooling season. Filters require frequent attention when your air conditioner is in constant use, subjected to dust and dirt, have pets in the house.

Yes, we offer full site survey. You may call us at 020 31377108 so that we can arrange a property survey for you.