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Importance of Air Conditioner Servicing Every Year

02 Mar 2023

According to air conditioning experts, it is essential to do servicing of your AC once in a year. This will keep the system in good condition for working efficiently and having a good lifespan. The most suitable time to schedule AC maintenance is in the spring months so it is ready for the summer months. In case it is also a heating system, you should have your AC maintained twice in a year, once during the summer and once in the autumn before the winter season.

Do you need to service your air conditioner every year?

You may think whether yearly maintenance of your air conditioner is necessary or it is only a push from the professionals for more work. Here are some reasons why:

  • When the home air conditioning system is very dirty, the parts do not work efficiently which reduces cooling capacity. Cleaning and servicing daily will keep the AC work like new.
  • The air conditioners require proper servicing every year which extends their lifespan. So, the AC will work efficiently for many years.
  • When your AC struggles to work properly, it uses more power. Thus, you will end up paying more on your energy bills.
  • If the air conditioners do not have regular servicing every year, it becomes more expensive for repair works.
  • Air conditioning units improve air quality inside your house as it filters odours, smoke, fine particles and mites. So, you and your family will suffer from less allergies, skin problems and breathing problems.
  • The maintenance of air conditioners annually is necessary as it can detect small repairs that save you money before those issues turn into bigger and costly expenses.
  • Ac keeps you cool and comfortable during the summer days. If you do not maintain your AC, it becomes more irritable and the discomfort levels rise.

5 Do it Yourself Tips in servicing an aircon

  1. Check and clean the filters on regular basis.
  2. Replace the filters on your own and how often you need to clean an aircon will depend on the usage. If you suffer from allergies, live in a dusty place or have pets at home, you need to probably change the filters in every couple of months. If you have low usage, it could go 4 to 6 months. Check the manual carefully for getting the right type.
  3. Clean the outside unit of AC and get rid of all the debris completely.
  4. Clean the vents inside and improper cleaning can cause your AC to drop in terms of efficiency.
  5. Take time in inspecting the pipes for any damage when you cannot deal with repairs, do check them often.

How often should you service split system air conditioner?

When considering how often you need to do servicing of a split system air conditioner, it is one year. If there are more than one indoor unit, some people choose to rotate which indoor units should get the service. Improperly maintained split air conditioners don’t work efficiently and so, they may stop working sooner. So if you are wondering do split system air conditioners require servicing, the answer is yes.

How often should you service ducted air conditioner?

When you decide to choose ducted aircon servicing, the time span is 12 months. It is necessary to maintain your air conditioner so that the system functions efficiently. With ducted air conditioning, there are components to check, electric wiring, duct connections, oil levels and other equipment too. When you don’t conduct yearly ducted air conditioning servicing, there can be water damage in the ceiling from overflowing or blocked drain. The fan blades of the Ac may corrode when you do not consider servicing ducted heating often. The blocked filters can cause water dispersion and ducts may be damage due to loss of heating or cooling efficiency.

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