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Right Place to Install Air Conditioner in Your Home

15 Dec 2023

Are you planning to install an AC unit in your home? Do you want to know where to place the air conditioner? There are a few things to consider, ranging from the number of units to install, external sources of heat, and the layout of your room. This will enable you to get the most out of your investment. Go through this blog post to learn about recent practices and some examples of AC placement based on the type, size, and layout of the room.

Where you need to place your internal AC unit

Individual units

If there is a single AC unit and you live in an open-plan two-bedroom apartment, then you should consider your daily routine before selecting the perfect spot for the unit. In such a case, you need to set up an air conditioner in the open living area. This is the place where your family members spend most of their time watching television and enjoying their meals.

If you are worried about regulating your bedroom temperature during the night, it is important to note that the air conditioner should regulate the room temperature in the entire apartment when dusk falls.

Some people spend little time in the open living spaces. If you have a family, or are a couple, and you like to spend most of the time outdoors, you could consider shifting the internal AC unit into your bedroom. The most appropriate spot for home air conditioning unit would be the most utilized room.

Two units

If you have two systems, you have the option of placing AC units more efficiently in the house. This means you may either opt for putting a second AC in the main bedroom or another large area in your house.

The most important thing about an AC internal system is that you do not have to hide it from view. Unlike many traditional air conditioners, we offer sleek solutions that blend in seamlessly with your home decor. This means you can effectively place the AC where it will serve the entire apartment efficiently without the need to hide it from further view.

Multi-unit systems

This kind of system enables you to place individual units in different spaces around your house.

When you are prioritizing placing an internal AC unit, you need to know there are several options based on your personal needs.

Since you will not change their position anytime soon, you should place them in the most convenient areas. Our expert engineers will work with you to find out the exact places for installing AC units and keeping your house cool.

Best practices on where you can place air conditioner

  • Install AC on the east or north side of your house– It is best practice to install an AC on the east or north side of your house, if possible. This ensures the unit remains out of the sunlight during the hottest part of the day. Keep AC unit in shady place as it is necessary for cooling purposes and energy efficiency.
  • Keep away from other sources of heat– Placing your AC near heat sources will prevent it from running in the most efficient way. Some sources of heat, such as refrigerators, light bulbs, and TVs, can cause unit’s sensor to interpret wrong temperature and make the system work harder than it needs to. Due to this reason, you will see higher energy bills.
  • Place it in a shaded area– Having lots of sunlight is not the right place to install an air conditioning unit. When you leave the unit in direct sunlight, it will overheat and be forced to overwork. This can affect the cooling efficiency you require for your AC. Too much sunlight may also cause mechanical problems over time. By protecting your AC unit from exposure to the sun, you can enhance its lifespan and enjoy maximum benefits from the device.
  • Avoid obstructing airflow– It is necessary to keep the layout of your room in mind when selecting the right placement. You should not obstruct the airflow of the AC unit. This can prevent cool air from circulating in an efficient way and cause an increase in energy bills. This will include your AC installation above the doors, electronic devices, and wardrobes.
  • Install in a higher position– If you want to enjoy maximum efficiency from your AC, then it is necessary to install it at a higher position on the wall. This is because hot air rises, and your room will be cooled more quickly than if it had been installed in a lower position on the wall.
  • Install in the Central London area– If you want to place your AC unit in Central London, this will ensure proper cooling. So, it is necessary to know that it should be central to the space you use and does not mean the center of the wall.

Where to place air conditioner based on type and layout of room

  • Bedroom– You will have to place the AC unit in a way that it does not blow cold air directly onto you. Many people find a cold breeze uncomfortable when it hits directly. You may also experience a dry throat in the morning. Based on your room's shape, the AC unit will be best when placed on the bedside. For a rectangular-shaped room, you can place the AC unit along the longer sides. Putting the AC unit in a central location is the ultimate key for cooling purposes.
  • Kitchen– When it comes to installing an AC unit in the kitchen, it is best to place it far away from the hob and oven. This will allow air to circulate into the room and prevent the AC from obstructing cooking. It can prevent fumes from getting inside your AC unit. These fumes may clog the filter of your AC unit which requires regular cleaning.
  • Living room– One of the things to consider when placing an AC unit in the living room is to be sure that it does not blow cool air directly on you. You should also not place the unit directly above the television. This can protect your TV from water droplets that might come from the AC unit.

There are several factors to consider when you are finding where to place your air conditioning unit. Make sure you follow the best practices that ensure your AC unit runs with maximum efficiency and provides balanced cooling to your space. Some key points to remember include:

  • keep away from sources of heat
  • install higher on the wall
  • keep the space properly ventilated
  • place in a central location

We suggest you hire a team of AC professionals who can help with the installation of your new unit. This ensures your unit is placed in the best position possible so that you get the most from your investment.

Are you all set to install an air conditioning unit in your home? With many years of experience in this field, our air conditioning experts can help with easy and quick AC installation. We work with you to design the most effective solution for your home. Our accredited engineers provide free site surveys to determine the best placement for your units. Get in touch with us for your free quote today!