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How Air Conditioning Unit Work Efficiently without Any Noise

03 Aug 2023

People who stay in the apartments want to install internal air conditioning units. Are you planning to install an AC in your apartment? If yes, then you may worry that the air conditioning system you choose is noisy. The positive news is that all air conditioning systems should comply with noise regulations and are incredibly quiet. This means neither you nor your neighbours should get disturbed with the installation of a noisy air conditioning system.

Common questions about air conditioning noise regulations

There are common questions customers have related to the level of noise produced by air-con systems installed in the apartments. Some of these are:

  • Is the air conditioning system really noisy?
  • Can the air-con unit disturb you when working from home?
  • Will the neighbours hear air-con system during the night?
  • Will it wake you up in the middle of the night or prevent from going to sleep in the first place?

If there is any problem in the AC unit, then hire experts who can help with aircon repair services. Continue reading to get answer of all your queries by looking separately at the condenser unit and fan coil unit for complete peace of mind.

The Fan Coil Unit

This is the part of air conditioning system found in your chosen room/rooms usually your living room and bedroom. It is generally placed higher up on the walls or concealed as a part of your room decor.

It is extremely quiet

This part of air-con system is usually silent and fan coil unit works on a low speed of fan similar to a Dyson fan. The unit operates between 19 to 26 decibels, based on the AC model you may select. This means the air conditioning unit is very quiet. These fan coil units do not disturb you when you work from home, prevent you from sleeping peacefully or spend quality time with your family. So, you can keep your AC on throughout the night. The fan units are not heard in your living room which allows you to relax or work comfortably.

The Condenser Unit

This is a part of air conditioning unit concealed within the property. This is what you will consider as ‘noisier’ part of air conditioning system though it is quiet. The air conditioning units abide by noise regulations of the system which means they are non-invasive and very quiet. The condenser unit runs somewhere between 39 to 45 decibels. This will depend upon your chosen condenser unit.

Unlike the traditional air conditioning solutions, these systems are kept completely within the property. This will be convenient for you when you cannot choose a traditional AC. It will have less impact on your neighbours including noise.

Placement of AC unit

You condenser units have been designed to conceal in either cabinet of a kitchen, utility space or boiler room. The placement of condenser depends upon your requirements and available space. The nature of rooms helps to buffer any noise from the unit and to make them dead. This means any noise coming from them will be masked due to ambient sounds in your surrounding environment.

Insulation as extra protection

If you are very noise sensitive, then there is always additional option of soundproofing condenser unit by using extra insulation. You can do so because the condenser does not have to ‘breathe’ and will never be hot. This means as an extra measure you may insulate the unit further without causing any damage to the unit or fire risk. This means you will not hear your condenser, despite where it is in the apartment.

How you can insulate the condenser

Insulating your condenser is easy and this can be quickly done with a box built around the condenser unit when placed in utility space or boiler room. This additional layer of material will be sufficient to provide sound muffler for the ones who are noise sensitive.

Can the neighbours hear it?

Most customers worry that their neighbours may hear the noise of air-con when it is running.  The good news is that there won’t be any noise for others when you switch on the air conditioning system in your house. Also, there won’t be any issues related to noise transfer to the neighbouring properties. This can be due to several reasons discussed below:

There won’t be any vibrations

All the condensers sit on anti-vibration feet. This denotes no vibrations will be felt on the floor next door and through the floor while the air con system is on.

These are made of brushless motors

All the conditioning condensers have hyper inverter compressors and are made with brushless motors. They are soft-start and so, you will not find sound vibrations resonating through your building or into the fabric of building next door.

There is nothing to view or hear

The entire air-con system is within your property and so, there won’t be any external condenser. Together with it is the walls should not be pierced or touched so your neighbours won’t know you have an AC installed in your properly. Also, they will not be able to see or hear it. There is added fact that they won’t hear the condenser motor, the fan or feel any vibrations through the wall or floor.

If you want to know more about air conditioning systems which are completely complaint with noise regulations of your unit, then get in touch with our installers who can help with the installation of air conditioning in London. We will ensure your AC unit works in the most efficient way without creating any kind of noise for others.