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Importance of Air Conditioning and Ventilation in a Loft Conversion

12 May 2023

Loft conversions are a great addition to the extra space of your house. This can help to increase the value of your property in future. During the planning process, it is necessary to consider air conditioning as well as ventilation solutions for your new loft conversion. This blogpost discusses about some vital things to consider for the conversion of your loft.

Importance of ventilation

When it is about converting the loft, there is much to consider than interior decoration only. Unlike other rooms of your house, the new conversion will require proper ventilation so that the additional space matches with building regulations and is safe for use.

Ventilation requirements

For meeting the requirements of a building, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

A window that has an opening equal to 5% (1/20th) of floor space

Background ventilation, night vents or trickle vents or night vents of 8000 mm² which can be closed to avoid draughts

Building control of local authority

It is essential to note that when converting the loft space into another room, you actually change the environment of the place. Lofts can help to expel dampness and when it is converted, it changes its purpose so you will require ventilation paths for meeting the needs of the space.

Importance of air conditioning

Both attics and lofts may become extremely hot. The air conditioning system will help to regulate the temperature in your loft and include other benefits too. Having an air conditioner into the loft conversion will lessen the chances of moisture build-up, reduce the costs of heating bills and maintain humidity as well as air quality levels.

Air quality control

As you spend most of your time indoors, the indoor quality of air has direct effect on your health condition. Without proper ventilation, the air present in your house can be harmful for breathing. The air conditioners have the benefit of being good for removing airborne pollutants. They prevent allergen, bacteria, dust and hair particles from circulating into the airspace of your house. This can be of great help during the summer months for the ones who suffer from allergies.

Humidity control

The air conditioning systems can eliminate heat from a room and help in the regulation of humidity levels. The optimal humidity level for the houses can be somewhere between 30% and 70%, on an average. When humidity levels in your house are very high, you will probably experience from excess dampness and mold. Both of them may be the reason for serious health concerns when they are not controlled. The air conditioners help to regulate humidity levels by removing hot air and replacing it with cool air.

Suitable air conditioning units for the loft conversions

  • Wall mounted units – These wall mounted AC units are a good choice for the small spaces as well as loft conversions. You can find them in different shapes, sizes, colours and they can easily be customised to meet your style and needs. They are the most versatile and affordable option for your requirement. Besides, you may install them either high or low on the wall which means they adjust with the layout and shape of your room.
  • Internal water cooled units – When you cannot install a traditional air conditioning system with an external unit, you may install internal water cooled air conditioner. Like the traditional ACs, these water cooled systems won’t need any external condenser unit and the internal condenser cam be installed in the enclosed area like cupboard. This means you will be able to install air conditioning unit that won’t impose on visual aesthetics of your valuable property. These units won’t need planning permission which makes them a suitable choice for your house.

At London Aircon Company, our experts dedicate themselves to help customers search for the most suitable air conditioning system for their property. We provide customised installation and maintenance service to meet the requirements of individuals.

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