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18 Common Mistakes With Portable Air Conditioner Installation

23 May 2024

Imagine a fan circulating warm air in your room, struggling to cool down the temperature in your home. Now, picture the comfort and relief after air conditioner installation. The right size of a portable AC can blow a chilling breeze, transforming your home's ambience into a calm oasis. Now you may ask why portable size? Well, it is easy to carry and inexpensive. But you should learn a few things before buying it.

When buying a portable air conditioner that is easy to carry anywhere, you must pay more attention to a few things. This will help you avoid common mistakes. Some of the errors are as follows:

1. Choosing an Incorrect Size Unit

While buying a portable air conditioner, we often need to check our size requirements and other important factors to select the correct size unit. According to the British Thermal Unit (BTU), the standard measurement is based on the value. Most people don’t check the size and unit of the air conditioner.

Knowing the capacity of the AC is essential. The portable AC can be 0.5-0.8 tons for small rooms. You cannot buy a small air conditioner if the room size increases.

2. Not Using Exhaust Hose

You may receive square fittings, a collapsed concertina hose, and a portable air conditioner. However, some people need to pay more attention to the parts included in the air conditioner package. There are some integral parts of an air conditioner that you should use for your home. The London air conditioning system can help manage the AC's setup professionally.

The exhaust host vents hot air from the unit compressor, related to the cooling process. The AC may not last longer if you don’t use the hose while setting the portable air conditioner. Most people don’t connect the hose during air conditioner installation, but you should not make this mistake.

3. Picking the Wrong Aircon Placement

It is not easy to place an AC unit in an area where poor air circulation and obstructions can vent the space. If you choose the wrong air conditioner, it will create problems during air conditioning repair service. You should avoid installing the AC near any furniture, curtains, and other objects that may obstruct airflow. The wrong aircon placement is always problematic.

You should position an air conditioner near an outer wall or window. Using a venting kit can help exhaust air. Some people install an air conditioning system under direct sunlight, but this is the wrong plan. The thermostat will only work correctly if you choose the right place to install an AC.

4. Using the Unit of AC 24/7

It is tough to bear the scorching heat waves, but running your air conditioner 24/7 is not a solution. It will increase energy consumption, and you will have a problem paying the electric bills. Unnecessary usage damages the air conditioner. Therefore, use the AC correctly. Misuse may cause damage and other costs.

5. Not Checking the Noise of the AC

Sometimes, people ignore a noisy portable air conditioner, but it is the problem with the AC. If you don't check it, the portable air conditioner is usually loud, ranging from 58 dB to 68 dB. The growling sound is not only annoying, but it is a malfunction in the AC. If your AC is in that condition, an air conditioner repair service is needed.

6. Turning on the Aircon Quickly After Delivery

It is tough to remove an air conditioner after transportation. Installing and turning it on is also tiresome. Give yourself some resting time before turning on the air conditioner. You should turn on the air conditioner after unpacking it for all electronic devices, such as refrigerators and coolers. It would help to wait 8-24 hours before turning on the air conditioner.

7. Ignoring Venting Requirements

A portable air conditioner does not need a permanent installation because it is easy to carry and install anywhere. This AC needs ventilation through the drop ceiling, window, and wall with the air humidifiers. Consider your venting needs while buying a portable air conditioner. Usually, people install portable ACs on windows so they don’t fit them in the wrong place.

8. Not Considering the Power of the AC

Many people need to consider the air conditioner's power, but insufficient power may cause fusing and breaking. To manage the condition of the portable air conditioner installation, you should pay attention to the function of the plug type. Portable air conditioners need a 115-volt outlet. You would also need a 230/280-volt circuit for a large AC. So, don’t choose the wrong AC power.

9. Ignoring Energy Efficiency Ratio

The energy efficiency ratio (EER) is the cooling system unit that operates at an outdoor temperature of up to 95° F. You may measure the ratio of BUT and the consumption based on 12,000 BTUs that consume 1500 watts. You may save money by checking the EER before buying the air conditioner system.

10. Buying the Wrong AC without an Environment-Friendly Feature

There are huge differences between the large AC and portable AC. However, both have separate climate requirements. The evaporative ACs fall under the simple evaporation process to provide excellent airflow.

The frames with a large fan have the wall with the water-soaked pads. This fan blows with the reduction of temperature. During the cooling, the moisture starts condensing out by collecting air. If you don’t find an environment-friendly air conditioner, then your room and office temperature won’t get cool.

11. Not Checking Energy Efficiency Rating

The energy efficiency rating is always helpful when buying an air conditioner. It provides a visual and quick way to compare efficient products. You cannot save your cost if you don’t buy an energy-efficient air conditioner. Moreover, it is not inverter friendly. Therefore, you should check the function of the energy efficiency while managing the condition of the rating and the functionalities.

12. Setting Wrong Thermostat

Some people have a misconception that your home will become cool faster with the help of a thermostat. Always remember if you don’t set the moderate temperature of the thermostat to around 24-26°C (75-78°F). This can help in balancing efficiency and comfort. Therefore, you should not set the wrong thermostat temperature, which creates immense problems with air conditioning installation.

13. Skipping Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service

Regular and professional air conditioning services can increase the cooling system's durability. People avoid air conditioner repair services, which causes AC malfunctions. You must prevent the annual inspection to fix the issues. The repairing and maintenance services are the prime factors that help maintain the air conditioner.

14. Poor AC Installation

Some people think they can easily install an air conditioner in their home with little knowledge of electrical devices and settings, but that’s a misconception. You cannot choose an AC that is the wrong size for your room. Moreover, there are some necessary wires and hoses that you cannot ignore while fitting an AC in your home. The oversized unit, incorrect size, and wrong cables can result in fusing and other problems. You should find a professional to help install an air conditioner in your home and office. It can be helpful for you from every angle.

15. Misusing the Dehumidifier

It is necessary to check the high humidity level and set the air conditioner's temperature. If you don’t use a dehumidifier, you cannot cool the temperature and increase energy efficiency with comfort. Also, the overuse of dehumidifiers can lead to an uncomfortable setup, and the indoor humidity level is inefficient in that situation.

16. Not Knowing about the Voltage

Some electronics, including air conditioners, are electronic. To manage the temperature, people need to update the electrical system or check the voltage. If the unit and voltage of the air conditioning system are not suitable, then managing the AC setup might be problematic.

17. Poor Airflow Setup

While considering the poor airflow setup, you should always consider managing the registration based on complete changes. The airflow setup has some necessary functionalities. You must check the temperature and flow based on significant changes to balance the cooling effect with the airflow. You can also look after the airflow management system. Preventing heat waves from entering your home and office will be easy with maintenance.

18. Cooling the Empty Rooms

The worst idea is to cool down an empty room by switching on the AC. You should close the vents of unused rooms, which can help reduce energy consumption. If you want to cool the room, sit there. Never turn on the AC of an empty room because it can be expensive and a waste of money. It is also essential to check the functionalities of the vents when you decide to set up an AC in your home or office.

Wrapping Up

You may want to choose an air conditioner for your home, but mistakes can be the reason for various problems. The professionals of London Aircon Company can help you understand how to install an AC and avoid mistakes. You must keep the misconception away from your mind when choosing an AC setup.