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London Air Conditioning: How Often Should You Service AC?

26 Mar 2024

Do you use an air conditioning system in your home? If yes, it is a significant addition when staying in a hot place. Having kids and elders at home means you should keep the room cool in hot weather. But living in a house where you can regulate the temperature according to your choice is enjoyable.

There is always the addition of more electrical items in your house. Some of these include – televisions, computers, lights, and game consoles due to the heat these items produce and heat from the weather. Are you residing in or around London? If yes, then installing London air conditioning system in your home has become very energy efficient in recent years. Many people are worried about installing this unit due to increased energy costs. However, modern units have been made to lessen energy consumption by almost 50 per cent. 

Install air conditioning for health benefits

According to research, installing a home air conditioning unit will benefit your health and make you feel calmer. Many homes are now built to ensure sufficient heat retention, so they have done their jobs well. However, homes can be unfairly hot in warm weather. 

Many people work from home, and it may be difficult to work in a very hot environment. Research shows that workers are more productive when they work at an ambient temperature. Electrical equipment will work more effectively when it is cooled down. IT equipment, computers, and printers will benefit from the cooled air that a home air conditioning unit provides.

Hence, home air conditioning units are a more popular household item than before. Unlike other household appliances, a home air conditioning unit might break down. It requires daily maintenance to ensure optimum performance. What are the best ways to approach home air conditioning repairs? How often do you require using air conditioning maintenance? We will consider some options available so that you can get the most out of your air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning services

If you recently purchased an air conditioning system, it may be covered by a warranty. In this case, the engineer will arrange a suitable time to visit your home and check the unit properly. He may make necessary recommendations about how to use the AC unit effectively and suggest how to replace worn-out parts if necessary. Warranties are given for a specified number of years for complete peace of mind and to avoid paying out when the machine requires frequent repairs or services.

Staying in London and its nearby areas? When buying London air conditioning unit, you may get it from a regular servicing contract annually. This ensures the engineer visits your place regularly to service the machine. You can search for a reliable company and buy your air conditioning unit online. Many engineers won't charge a callout fee, but they will charge you for new parts only. Make sure you check that the engineer has the necessary accreditation and qualifications. Trusted professionals will provide valid evidence and offer a complete guarantee of any parts they supply as part of their service.

Your air-con unit will likely require proper servicing if used more frequently. So, it is essential to have regular servicing as warm weather can encourage people to turn AC units on and off. If there is any glitch in the system, the engineers will be pressured to answer emergency callouts. If you are wise enough to ensure the unit is serviced regularly, you are less likely to call an engineer out, as any problems will need to be fixed or anticipated during the service. When the temperature remains high, the air conditioning unit may not always function to its maximum capacity. If the temperature is more than 100 degrees, the AC may not reach your desired temperature, and no amount of servicing can solve this problem.

Air conditioning maintenance

There are two kinds of home air conditioning units, and both require daily maintenance. The first type comprises a furnace and an air conditioning unit, while the second has a heat pump for heating and cooling. Both types have a blower and an evaporator inside the unit and a compressor and condenser in the exterior unit. An air conditioning unit has various components that need proper maintenance. The coils, filters, and ins must be checked regularly and should be working efficiently if the unit functions correctly.

Before you perform any maintenance on your air conditioning unit, you should ensure that the power supply is cut off. Filters should be cleaned and changed from time to time. They can quickly get clogged with dirt, and if this happens, the airflow won't be effective, causing damage to the coils. Replacing the filter regularly will ensure the unit is working more efficiently and lessen energy consumption. Before the beginning of the season, when you regularly use your air conditioner, it is a good decision to check whether the filter is clean and maintain it regularly.

If you have a machine with reusable filters, they should be adequately cleaned before being replaced. The general rule is to change the filters at least once a month for better performance.

The presence of a coil in the AC unit

The coil in the system will benefit from clean filters in your air conditioning system. However, they will naturally collect dirt, mainly if the unit is outdoors. Keep the area close to the coil clean and remove the debris as it collects. Dust the area around the coil and buy a specialised coil cleaner to spray onto the coil. It would be best to spray it onto the coil, which will foam and drip into the drain tray. Clean it with soapy water or bleach and replace it. You may keep the drain clean with 50/50 water and bleach and then pour it down the drain. You can also buy a commercial drain cleaner to keep the drain free from bacteria.

The evaporator coil is from where warm air enters the unit from your home. The purpose of this coil is to take warm air from your home, cool it and then send it back out into the airflow in your home. When it is a block unit on the exterior, you may have to price a cover-off. After you remove the cag lid, you can remove debris with a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to maintain unrestricted airflow around the unit and check it regularly so that leaves or other debris do not accumulate around it. The fins on the air conditioning unit are made of aluminium; when dirty, the system won't work efficiently. You may buy a 'comb' for these fins and use it to clean your system daily.

On a sizeable exterior unit, you may need to use a vacuum to clean the fins. You will then apply water from a hose to wash the leftover stubborn dirt. Make sure you do not use a pressured hose, as this may damage the fins. When the fins remain dirty, a commercial fin cleaner spray is applied. Sometimes, the unit's fins may get slightly distorted or bent. When you maintain the machine, you may buy a straightening tool, but you need to be careful not to push the tool very far into the unit. This is because there are delicate tubes behind them, and they may get damaged easily.

The exterior unit is placed on exterior land, and the soil beneath may shift due to differences in climate or weather. As the condenser sits on the land, the levels should be checked regularly to remain flat. It is possible at a spi t level; when the unit is not flat, it may damage its mechanics. Having a slight slant away from the building to which the unit is attached is satisfactory, as this lets excess water seep safely. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding coolant. The unit will not function properly if the right amount of coolant is not in the system. Consult a professional when you need to change the level of your coolant. There is lots more you can do to maintain your home air conditioning unit and improve its efficacy and longevity.

Air conditioning repairs

When your home air conditioning unit does not work properly, it is important to call a professional. Even if you maintain and service your AC on time, the problem might be outside the scope of your expertise. When you do not have an engineer for home air conditioning installation, choose a local directory or search online for a local engineer.

The main problems that may happen with the unit include faulty installation, servicing and ineffective maintenance. When using a home air conditioning unit, it is necessary to keep outside windows and doors closed, as well as interior doors closed, to isolate the unit. When the AC is installed, engineers add the correct amount of gas to the unit.

Insufficient gas may be problematic for the unit's functioning. If the engineer needs training, they may damage the machine without adding the correct amount of gas, according to the manufacturer's specifications. Damage may occur by adding too much gas, and you must ensure the engineer you are working with is fully qualified to resolve the issue quickly. Seek references or recommendations from other satisfied customers if you need more clarification from him.

Supply of electricity to the AC unit

Engineers also need to check the electricity supply to the unit. A blown fuse or a break in the circuit might prevent the condenser from working efficiently.

If the air conditioner is not cooling correctly, engineers may try turning down the thermostat to see if it decreases the temperature. If this fails to resolve the problem, there might be an issue with the thermostat.

When this is not the issue, the engineer will look at the condenser in the exterior unit of your system. He will then check to see if it is blocked or requires cleaning. This is why you need to keep up with routine maintenance of the cooling system, as this can lead to some damage to the unit. One problem your faulty compressor may cause is that the unit turns on and off repeatedly. If the engineer properly cleans the AC unit, it might transform the unit's operation.

If this is not the problem, the compressor may have become faulty, and the engineer will have to replace it. He will also check the G's charge, a common problem with home air conditioning units.